june 16th, 2006

tonight there will be a special feature with t at radio flora (2100-2200 CET). don't miss it - there will be many songs from voices and naive and t talking about his music.


june 15th, 2006

t's music is in the air! well, rather "on" the air: radio afk max has just played three songs from voices!


mai 20th, 2006

the first reviews of voices are online.


april 17th, 2006

4 new samples of new songs online.

galileo has finished pressing the cds and printing the artwork - "voices" will soon be ready for release!


jan 6th, 2006

3 new samples of new songs online.


dec 21st, 2005

there are quite a few new samples of voices online!


dec 20th, 2005

long time no update! but here's news at last: there will be a new t album called "voices". it will be a concept album of about 73 minutes. samples coming up soon - stay tuned!



may 5, 2003

new demo versions of new songs for "bittersweet", the upcoming t album, online!

on the day you leave




mar 10, 2002

new reviews online!

naive is featured on paperlate radio and italian radio in march 10th, 2000 and 2200 cet and march 17th, 2200 cet


mar 1, 2002

new review by the progressive newsletter (German)

naive is going to be ALBUM OF THE MONTH(march) at the internet group progrock-dt



feb 19, 2002

naive is ALBUM OF THE MONTH at durp !!!

i added a review page on which you can find what the critics say about naive.



jan 24,2002

the official release date of naive is going to be february 28,2002. BUT you can already order it from me personally right now.

the promo copies have already been sent, and the whole campaign is starting.



nov 15,2001

the mastering is finished, and the results are absolutely great. samples will be available shortly.



nov 5,2001

finally! i managed to add samples of 3 tracks of unmastered material of naive. feel welcomed to download all of them and enjoy (hopefully...)!



nov 1,2001

some of you may have noticed: naiveland has gone online!!! if you have not already noticed, take the advice the giant gave to special agent cooper: the owls are not what they seem...

the final mixing sessions of "naive" are scheduled for nov 8,2001. afterwards, andy horn and me will start mastering the album. anifan has already managed to almost finish the artwork, and patrick becker's galileo records is releasing the whole thing as soon as possible. et voila!