here are a few snippets. of course the quality is nothing like the original album sound.


01 voices

02 august in me

03 party piece

04 still

05 septic

06 faith

07 second thoughts

08 victim

09 curtain call

10 forget me now

11 ghosts





a streaming real audio with SNIPPETS FROM do not come back, she said, mother, nothing more can be found here.

the sound quality is right in the middle between "good" and "practical concerning file size". be assured that "naive" sounds a lot better.


then there are those longer samples (mp3, 2mb approx.) of she said, about us and tuesday night blues.


you can also download a very rough demo version of "she is dead" that might be interesting for those who would like to compare the "before" and "after" of a (rather...) professional production.